Private Wealth

Prudence Tax & Consultancy supports you for all your tax-related and financial questions, such as (re)structuring, asset protection, tax and estate planning. The advisers of Prudence Tax & Consultancy are specialized in advising high net worth individuals and their families, both nationally and internationally, such as the US, the Middle East, Europe and India.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary teams, we can, in addition to providing advice, also take care of the legal implementation. Our specialists understand that there are more stakes to consider than just tax or legal. Due to our passion for family businesses, entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals and their families, we are often involved in (and can advise on) the decision-making process.

We can assist you on all topics related to your private or family assets, such as:

  • Estate planning
  • Structuring
  • Asset protection (e.g. trust, foundation)
  • (Re)migrations
  • UBO registers / privacy
  • Legal and organizational implementation and maintenance
  • Investment (Box 2 vs. 3) optimalization
  • Current account (C/A) optimalization