Tax Litigation

Prudence assists in all your discussions with the tax authorities. If no agreement can be reached with the tax authorities, we also have extensive experience in legal proceedings.

Tax proceedings already start in the objection phase and form the basis for a possible tax procedure. A lot of profit can be made by involving Prudence in your disputes in good time. The underlying facts are of crucial importance in a procedure. Our advisers help assess and categorize the underlying facts. Litigation also requires an excellent understanding of the formal tax rules. We can indicate exactly what your rights and obligations are in a procedure and adjust strategies accordingly.

Our advisers can assist you on matters such as:
  • Assist with discussions with the tax authorities
  • Assist with information request letters from the tax authorities
  • Appeal with the lower Court
  • Assistance with question letters from the tax authorities
  • Mediation to avoid court cases
  • Appeal with the court of appeal and Supreme Court